2. To those who live overseas

To those who live overseas

For those who wish to receive treatment / treatment at our hospital

Tokyo International Ohori Hospital is actively accepting patients living overseas. For patients other than Japanese who live overseas, we will introduce you to a medical tourism agent if you would like to have treatment at our hospital, We are working to create a system that allows patients and their family to receive the latest medical care at our hospital without stress.

Japanese people living overseas will consult with us in the same way as in Japan, and will consider the schedule of treatment and surgery, so please use the free online consultation in our homepage.

Flow of medical tourism

  1. Contact Us
    Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form if you would like to receive medical diagnosis or treatment at our hospital. Our agent will contact you regarding the content of your inquiry.
  2. Hearing
    You will need to explain about your disease name, situation, treatment / treatment you want to receive to a medical tourism agent. Then, we will discuss and determine whether medical treatment is possible at our hospital. You may be asked to submit pathological data and images taken at your current hospital.
  3. Suggestion
    When a medical treatment is possible at our hospital, we will propose a medical treatment plan that suits the convenience of the patient and family. At the same time, we will inform you about the contents and schedule of treatment, and expenses including travel expenses.
  4. Contract
    We will agree to and contract with the medical treatment plan proposed by our agent.
  5. On the day of your visit
    On the day of your visit, the agent will attend the transfer from the airport to our hospital in Japan. In addition, even after arrival, the agent will accompany you during the medical treatment, so you will not have to worry about the language, and you can concentrate on the medical treatment with confidence.

Please contact us from here if you would like treatment /
treatment at our hospital.


I can’t speak Japanese, can I have a medical examination?
At the time of your visit, our agent will accompany you as an interpreter, so you can concentrate on your treatment without any anxiety about language, during surgery, hospitalization, and accounting.
Can I request a specific test or procedure?
No. Examinations and surgery are performed when the doctor deems it necessary, so patients cannot make requests.
There are personal restrictions due to religious reasons. Is it possible to make personal adjustments according to the patient during hospitalization?
We will do our best to respond to your request, but if you have any concerns, please contact our agent in advance.
Is it possible for family members and acquaintances to meet during hospitalization?
Yes. You can visit us within the visitation time set by our hospital. However, visits may be prohibited due to the epidemic situation of novel coronavirus. Please contact our agent in advance.
Is it possible for family members and acquaintances to stay in the hospital room at the time of hospitalization?
If you wish, we will introduce you to nearby hotels, so please contact our agent.
Who should I contact to apply for a medical visa?
Please feel free to contact us as our agent will guide you in detail.
Is it possible to smoke while in the hospital?
Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the hospital, including the parking lot. Therefore, there is no designated area for smoking in or around the hospital.
Can I use my mobile phone in the hospital? Can I use Wi-Fi?
You can use your mobile phone, but please set your mobile phone to silent mode while you are in the hospital. Also, turn off all mobile phones and communication devices at the following locations: examination room, treatment room, operating room Wifi is free to use.
Is there a place in the hospital where I can eat?
There is a day room where you can eat and drink. Patients and families in this hospital can feel free to use it. However, in a case of prohibition of visits due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, you and your family will not be able to enter the day roomy.
How should I do to get to the hospital?
No worries about transportation. Our agents will attend and respond to the hospital. Please refer to the “Access MAP” for details on transportation from the airport to the hospital.

Medical reception hours

Weekdays 8:30〜11:30 am

Weekdays 13:00〜16:00 pm

Saturday 8:30〜11:30 am

Visiting hours

Weekdays and Saturdays 14:00〜20:00

Sundays and public holidays 13:00〜20:00